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How to gamble in online casino

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You don’t have to worry about long lines at the casino anymore because there aren’t any! Just log on and start playing whenever you want – day or night. And if you need help with anything along the way, our customer service team will be happy to assist 24/7/365.

Deposit and payout at the casino

The Bitcoin is a virtual currency, sometimes referred to as crypto-currency. It has no physical existence of its own and just exists within the internet network. If you are not familiar with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies - do not worry! You can still easily get started at Bitcoin casinos online . There is always good explanation on what it is all about, how does it work etc. For more information check out our article What is Bitcoin?

As mentioned before Bitcoin transactions are made through special wallets; however; some casinos also offer direct transfers to your personal bank accounts (eg. Perfect Money e-wallet).


One of the reasons why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be used online is that they're anonymous. There's no bank involved who needs to know about your financial transactions or whether you want to purchase something with your debit card or card number, credit card number, wire transfer, PayPal, etc. Because of their decentralized nature and anonymity (if user knows how to protect themselves) cryptocurrencies are pretty much perfect for online casino use because users don't even need an e-wallet account as they just have a unique private key which gives them access to their money on the blockchain network.

Social casino games are

They're very similar to regular casino games, but you can play them for free or real money on your favorite social networks like Facebook and Zynga .

Social casino games are instant-play HTML5 titles. But unlike other genres in HTML5 , the quality of social casino games often trumps their web-based counterparts because they're built using superior technologies like Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4 . Social casino game developers also employ smart design techniques to make these titles as engaging as possible, which is crucial for monetization purposes.

Deposit and payout at the casino

Depositing bitcoin with a casino is easy as you just have to find the deposit button and enter the amount of money you want to deposit with. Since bitcoin is so popular, most casinos now offer this option and also provide a conversion rate for your deposits in order  to calculate how much BTC will give you after depositing. Most of the time it works exactly like depositing credit cards or any other way that they prefer but is not necessarily always available.

Casinos that accept Bitcoin as a payment method usually do not only allow deposits through Bitcoin, but also withdrawals. Of course, there are rules and regulations set by online casino operators which apply on all their customers regardless of what type of currency they used to fund their account.